Our primary initiative is to bring interactive music to children with long term medical, physical or emotional challenges.

Why The Blues?

Stemming from the call and response traditions of American plantation workers, Blues music is a uniquely American music form reflecting the power of the human spirit. The Blues is music of healing, hope and emotional connection. It provides a format for expressive creativity and artistic unity. By communicating empathy with the adversities of others, the Blues is exceptionally positioned as a mechanism for promoting the health and well being of children facing personal challenges and for celebrating their successes.

Blues music as an art form has been a source of comfort and hope for generations of people grappling with difficult life circumstances. Its themes are universal in the human experience, yet it is intensely personal in its expression and can convey a broad range of human emotion from anguish to elation. We seek to use age appropriate blues music as a medium for helping young people to access the depth of their feelings. In addition, we hope to provide a vehicle for each to realize his or her capacity to express their personal sense of life in the context of an art form and tradition that places their experience on a continuum and emphasizes their commonality in laboring to forge their path through life.